Wall To Floor Tile Luxury: Serving Exeter, Somerset, Bath, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall

Residential and Commercial Developers / Procurement

From a first-time housing development to those who have been in the game for some time, we would like to introduce a better way of doing business. La Fabrico TRADE has been born from the need to provide a top-quality tiling solution from experts in the field. 

We are ready to help improve the bottom line of your development while adding to the quality of the finished product. After over 25 years in the business, on the tools and in procurement, we understand all the challenges you will come across. We know what you can fit where, and how it needs to be fitted.

From specialist adhesives to large format tiles, we have solutions to every problem and can ensure that you get the best tiles at the best price for your developments.

By showcasing the latest designs at our city central hub, the supply of tiles just got a whole lot easier. From the tightest price point to the highest spec porcelain, we have it all on site. If we don’t, we can source tiles to suit any size project direct from the manufacturers; providing you peace of mind and more time to get on with the difficult job of pulling your projecttogether.  

From Techlamby Levantinato the simpleststone, we have samples on site ready to finish off projects of all sizes. With a good, better and best option on many of the products we sell, we’re ideally placed to keep your projectsinbudgetwith a guaranteed trade price that won’t be beaten!

Contact ustoday to find out more.If you are planning a grand design or a build with multiple uniform units, we can complement the design process from inception to completion. We can offer significant savings by sourcing directfrom the finestsuppliersand maintain the quality finish you expect.

Our large format, indoor and outdoor Techlamtiles by Levantinareallydo stand head and shoulders above anything else on the market. Having worked closely on the Hux Shard, we love nothing more than a challenge to get our teeth into, and we have the perfect spot to do it.

Located right in the heart of Exeter, our showroom and hubare open to you to peruse ourproducts, meet with your clientsor simplyentertain.

Use of our hubis free, andwe can arrange out of hours appointments with just 48 hours’ notice.

We know how hard it is to put projects together, so allow us to become your resource on our specialistsubject. Right across the board,we can advise on the correct placement, style and application to ensure that we becomeyour‘go-to’ tileteam. 

Contact us now and find out how we can help