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  • Coverlam Fresco series, which is large format & ultra-thin 5.6mm.
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  • The porcelain tile series comes in 120x120 cm, 60x120 cm & 120x260 cm formats, & 4 colours  pearl, greige, gris & ochre.
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  • In addition, the pieces feature a subtle relief that enhances the graphics, making them even more realistic. Grespania's Fresco series endows rooms with a unique personality & character.
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  • Colour: Beige, Cream/Sand, Mixed, White.
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  • Thickness: 5.6 mm
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  • Purpose: Bathroom walls, Bathroom Floors, Wet Room Walls, External cladding, Floors, Walls, Kitchen, Swimming Pools +
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  • We specialise in providing high-quality large format porcelain tiles to meet the needs of both residential and commercial projects. We are a leading supplier of large format porcelain tiles and we offer a wide range of sizes
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  • What are large format Tiles?

  • For a Large tile or slabs to be considered large format, it must be at least 1000mm long. Thanks to technological advances, Grespania Coverlam currently offers large format tiles manufactured in pieces of up to 1200 x 3600 mm.
  • Grespania Coverlam Thin Large Tiles.
  • Large format tiles burst onto the UK scene a few years ago as an innovative new architectural element. Thanks to their great versatility as a construction material they have been making inroads into interior design and architecture projects, establishing their position as the preferred format among professionals.
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  • Large format tiles from Grespania Coverlam are the best option for tiling. Thanks to its large tile size and minimal thickness, choosing Coverlam tiles as construction material is a great way to tile any floor or wall, which means such projects can be tiled quickly and easily, without any demolition work and without generating any debris, since it can be easily installed on top of the existing material. View the full Coverlam tile collection in both. Exeter, Devon or Chard, Somerset showrooms.
  • Grespania Coverlam News:
  • Working with Spanish Grespania Coverlam and UK La Fabrico.
  • Grespania Coverlam tiles is a brand name belonging to the Grespania, which speciatises in Large Format Tiles the manufacture and sale of products conspicuous for their innovative properties and design. Ongoing investment in large tiles is constant integration of cutting-edge developments in manufacturing and design, and a strong commitment to the environment have all led to the consolidation of a reputation as a worldwide leader.
  • Grespania currently has 3 factories with cutting-edge technology and processes, suitable for the production of all kinds of tile materials, from wall and floor tiles to porcelain worktops for kitchens. In addition to its production centres in Spain, it has subsidiaries in France, Italy, Holland, Poland and the UK, USA and Asia.
  • Thanks to its state-of-the-art production centres and solid network of subsidiaries, Grespania is able to offer top-quality products to consumers worldwide.
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Grespania Coverlam Large Format Tiles

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