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Coverlam Top Is Here !

Coverlam Top


At La Fabrico we don’t just provide the latest tile trends, we can also bring you the new generation of Kitchen work surfaces. 100% Porcelain with matching floor and wall concepts, gives you an elite breed of new technology for your kitchens, tables, benches, bars and much, much more. Add the H&C Technology and you create a near invincible surface that is antibacterial for the life of the product. With all the benefits of porcelain and its aesthetics, heat and stain resistance we have manufactured and now stock in the UK the stunning, 9 years in the making Coverlam-Top.

Also contact us about the large format wall and floor tiles that match the Coverlam Tops.

If you require any samples or further information on this unique material please do not hesitate to contact one of the team at La Fabrico.

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