Tiles for Architects and Designers

You know the importanceof aesthetics, andwith over twenty-fiveyears’ experience within the tile and stone industry, we would love to help you find the perfect finish for your next project.

If you are planning a grand design or a build with multiple uniform units, we can complement the design process from inception to completion. We can offer significant savings by sourcing directfrom the finestsuppliersand maintain the quality finish you expect.

Our large format, indoor and outdoor Techlamtiles by Levantinareallydo stand head and shoulders above anything else on the market. Having worked closely on the Hux Shard, we love nothing more than a challenge to get our teeth into, and we have the perfect spot to do it.

Located right in the heart of Exeter, our showroom and hubare open to you to peruse ourproducts, meet with your clientsor simplyentertain.

Use of our hubis free, andwe can arrange out of hours appointments with just 48 hours’ notice.

We know how hard it is to put projects together, so allow us to become your resource on our specialistsubject. Right across the board,we can advise on the correct placement, style and application to ensure that we becomeyour‘go-to’ tileteam. 

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