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ABK - Based in Italy

ABK was established in 1992 as a ceramics manufacturer specialising in wall tiles. Thanks to a series of strategic, carefully targeted acquisitions, the ABK brand now also stands out in the manufacture of porcelain stoneware floor tiles, offering clearly identifiable products whose aesthetics and quality do not just meet market trends, they often set them. Nowadays, the company is recognised worldwide as a leader in Italian ceramics whose corporate philosophy has quality and service at its core. This is possible thanks to the two major industrial facilities, equipped with specialised production technology, located in and Solignano, which work in synergy with the logistics hub in Fiorano Modenese.

ABK is celebrating 25 years of business success, a quarter of a century marked by major transformations and steady growth. Ever since its inception, ABK has been committed to delivering high-quality solutions with a special focus on interior decoration. Thanks to its on-going R&D investments, the company has combined aesthetic excellence with the use of exclusive new technologies to further raise its product standards and reaffirm the brand’s image in the world ceramic tile market.

ABK is officially established in Finale Emilia as a ceramic tile manufacturer.

As part of an original and sophisticated product vision, ABK is pursuing its research efforts in partnership with the world of interior design and in step with the latest market trends.

La Fabrico is delighted to offer new, innovative and stylish products from manufacturer ABK. With "up to the minute" design elements in current popular colours and finishes, ABK products make choosing a tile for your project a simple one. Offering first class design and technical expertise, La Fabrico and ABK present a total tiling solution to make your dream tile project a reality.

ABK Wall and FLoor TILES

ABK Unika Wall and Floor Tile



Unika is the expression of a style created through original combinations, unexpected encounters that bring precious and recycled materials together. This is a free interpretation perfectly able to adapt to a variety of settings, offering different locations and styles an effective option for enhancing space, in combination with other material sensations.

ABK Soleras Wall and Floor Tile



Unique and contemporary wood collection. Antique wood, recovered from discontinued buildings and treated for floor and wall use. Every single piece turns out to be different and unique.

ABK RE-work Wall and Floor Tiles



Re-elaboration and interpretation in a contemporary style of the inspirations offered by nature to create a complete and versatile floor and wall tile design project. An aesthetic analysis of numerous stones has led to the selection of the characteristics of certain types of stones, which have taken on a ceramic form through the artificial creation of colour variations and graphic combinations which are unusual compared to the natural materials.

ABK Dolphin Wood Effect Tile



Dolphin gets the graphic inspiration from wooden poles modelled by time and water; combined with the vocation for the colour, it turns into scratches and contrasting brushstrokes.

The combination of wood and colour of Dolphin is defined by different types of long planks: 40x170, 20x170, 20x120, declined in 6 soft essences. The textured finishing Aged enriches the series with realistic material, while the Snip and Listoni Paint reveal sudden glimpses of intense colours.

ABK Crossroad wall and floor tile



The Crossroad collection is all about the mix of different materials, and features a collection each based on wood, chalk and brick. Crossroad Wood Sand is a gorgeous beige/grey coloured wood effect - a mix of classic and contemporary. The rectified porcelain tile is suitable for all wall and floor

ABK Downtown Collection



Downtown Colours - a collection of porcelain tiles, inspired by the natural look of stones, pebbles and cement. Suitable for both walls and floors, the popular rectifed tiles are available in a choice of sizes, finishes and colours.

Docks Wall and Floor Tile Collection


Cement is a primitive and essential matter, reinterpreted by Abk with its own style and enriched through a deep research to offer brand new and original decorative solutions.

Colour and matter are DOCKS’ project coordinates, displayed in coloured body porcelain tiles, defined by structure’s movements, texture’s design and the particular tactility, extremely soft. Both floor and wall coating, the tiles compose a contemporary signed surface inspired by modern architecture cements: settings acquire harmony and shape, where materials play the leading role. The chromatic range is composed by six neutral and complementary tones, extremely versatiles and disposable in two different surface’s finishes. The natural one, light absorbing, is soft to the touch even maintaining good anti-slip properties; the patinated surface instead, thanks to its particular light reflection feature, is able to give an intense and suggestive aged effect.

 Docks is a wide and articulate collection that originates from 60x60 and 40x80 slabs, that multiplied for the large number of obtainable formats and for the several edges and surfaces finishes gives up to 16 different types among floors and coatings, outfitted with decors and special pieces.

Decors, as it is expected from Abk, represent one of the collection’s distinctive elements: numerous and original, both for floor and coating; they add value to the environment dynamically and with charm, giving space to a high number of new and creative solutions, enlarging collection’s versatility.


Do Up Street

Large Format Decretive Tiles - ABK DO UP STREET.

Do Up offers a wide range of 'Wall&Porcelain' surfaces - a totally new ceramic technology in which the best characteristics of porcelain are combined with the functionality of wall tiles.

Just like wallpaper, these thin, large-format rectified panels can be used to create a meticulously designed decorative project that co-ordinates perfectly with the ABK range of porcelain wall tiles.


Find your style With ABK:


Large Porcelain Slabs :

Porcelain stoneware meets new dimensions (160x320 / 120x240 cm), overcoming the traditional concept of covering, to become a protagonist in every space: "wall decor" means in fact reduce the visual perception of joints, for an idea of ceramic that goes beyond tile. The large slabs are like a white sheet in the hands of designers and visual artists who,

guided by the ABK Style Office, they produce refined collections, with a heterogeneous style. There are many graphic, naturalistic inspirations - retro, urban and industrial - that merge into the exclusive WIDE & STYLE program, created entirely using the latest generation of digital decoration on 7 mm thick porcelain stoneware.


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